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Clifton at a glance

Sweeping vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, sandy beaches and luxury real estate nestled on the cliffs all form part of the what makes Clifton such a sought-after residential area.

The upmarket suburb of Clifton lies just beyond Bantry Bay, between Sea Point and Camps Bay, in one of the most superb settings against the backdrop of Table Mountain.

The beaches at Clifton are divided into four distinct coves by stretches of granite boulders and, whilst they may not be very imaginatively named, 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th, their beauty makes names rather superfluous.

The four beaches of Clifton are well protected from the notorious south-easterly and, whilst there is the occasional wave, most simply lap at the shoreline. Staying here often has the added bonus of quiet evenings as the throngs tend to head off just up the road to Camps Bay’s many restaurants, clubs and bars as Clifton offers little in the way of restaurants and has no shops to speak of.

Clifton Map
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