Milnerton at a glance

With a mixture of beachfront apartments, modern townhouses and established homes Milnerton has a range of property options on offer for every type of buyer or tenant.

Due to its proximity to Cape Town, Milnerton has maintained its popularity with buyers, investors and tenants as it is not only close to the CBD but also more affordable than its city counterparts.

Milnerton is well known for its lagoon, links golf course and ideal location to all of Cape Town’s hotspots. As one of the oldest suburbs along the northern Table Bay area, the suburb features beautiful character homes and quiet treelined streets - which makes it popular with family buyers. Newer developments in the area has also ensures that younger buyers can make this area home while commuting to their jobs a mere 11km in the city centre.

Milnerton is blessed with spectacular views over the bay towards Table Mountain. The area is well served with an active commercial centre, booming residential areas along the coastline and ample entertainment.

Milnerton boasts many attractions and is a popular spot for jet skiing, surfing, body boarding, rafting down the lagoon, fishing, prawn fishing as well as canoe paddling. The lagoon is a hotspot for all canoeists who get the best of both worlds: a gorgeous view and a spectacular canoeing adventure.

Milnerton’s beach is well known for its spectacular views of Table Mountain as well as superb cleanliness. The local council staff makes certain that daily patrols on the beach take place and there are waste bins within close proximity so that the beach and surroundings are relatively clean.

Property Types

  • Houses
  • Townhouses
  • Apartments


  • Milnerton Primary School
  • Woodbridge Primary School
  • Milnerton High School
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