Somerset West at a glance

The town of Somerset West is not only encircled by striking mountains and hills which are covered in vineyards, but it also enjoys nearby sandy beaches and sparkling ocean landscapes. There is no place like Somerset West when you are looking for a town to enjoy your love of scenic beauty, wine, decadent food, and history in.

Even the expansion of Somerset West in the last years cannot rid the town of its splendour and rich history. The expansion of Somerset West has seen it become the commercial and residential capital of the Helderberg Basin.

The streets of Somerset West are dotted with unique buildings which remains reminiscent of its historic beginnings. These buildings are now sometimes used as shops selling everything from wine, jewellery, books, and fabrics. Some of these historic buildings have been declared monuments and the first church built in the town is still in use to this day.

Somerset West’s climate is Mediterranean-like therefore ensuring that residents here enjoy dry and hot summers (perfect for a day at the beach), while winters can often be rainy while still enjoying sunny days. The best time according to residents is spring and autumn when days are mild and evenings warm.

Education institutions in Somerset West are world class and its proximity to Stellenbosch allows many students to study from home. The town is also a haven for sports lovers with some of the most breathtaking golf courses, stunning mountain biking trails and horse riding trails.

For the art lover there are many options to explore as Somerset West boasts with many galleries and because it is so close to other major tourist attractions there is always something to do.

So if you are looking for a lifestyle which is relaxed and centered around exceptional food and wine, then Somerset West is the town for you.

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