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Cryptocurrency and the property market
11 Aug 2022
The new-age digital landscape of currency is rather complex to understand, but financial innovators such as cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, NFTs, and even the Metaverse, are already changing the real estate market in the US. It can be worthwhile for South Africans to gain an understanding of this new digital landscape before its popularity spreads to South Africa’s shores.
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Market & Opinion
Why new residential developments are back in favour
10 Aug 2022
Rising interest rates mean falling affordability – and this is currently being reflected in home buyers’ renewed interest in new, multi-unit developments where there is no transfer duty to pay, and where developers are sometimes also willing to subsidize other transaction costs such as bond registration and legal fees.
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Market & Opinion
Spotlight on booming St Francis Bay
08 Aug 2022
Property sales in St Francis Bay have rocketed in the past two years, and with supply exceeding demand by quite a margin, the average home sale price is now almost 60% ahead of the average for the previous 24 months.
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4 Compatibility checks when choosing a real estate agent
05 Aug 2022
A skilled real estate professional can help navigate everything from marketing the home to negotiating the best possible offer, which is why it is important to choose wisely and select somebody who is compatible with your unique needs.
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