What is a floor plan?

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A floor plan is a drawing or visual rendering of a house from above. It is mainly used to show the layout of a house and showcase key elements of the house like doors, windows, and stairs.

They are therefore useful for:

  • Presenting the overall house layout with the walls and partitions.
  • Understanding the project with the room articulation.
  • Giving detailed information about each room area and dimensions.

Types of floorplans

With advances in technology, floorplans can now either be done in the traditional 2D format or the more advanced 3D format.

The 2D floor plan is a flat representation of the home layout without perspective, showing technical information and measurements of the spaces. With a 3D perspective, it is much easier for the clients to read as it is usually fully-furnished and decorated. It can also include the deck and garden design. It is the most appealing and efficient way to showcase a home project in order to sell it.