What is the deeds office process?

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The Deeds Office Process


“Lodgement” is the first step in the Deeds Office process. After the transferring attorney has prepared the transfer documentation, lodgement in the Deeds Office is arranged.

The Examination

Typically, a junior and senior examiner will examine the documentation and approve them for registration. The entire examination period takes between 3 to 7 working days.

On Prep

Provided that no queries are raised during examination, the transfer is then known to be “on Prep”, which means the Deeds Office is satisfied with accuracy of the documentation and the attorneys may proceed to register the transfer, bond cancellation and bond. Once the matter is “on Prep” and the respective attorneys are ready to register, the matter is “put forward” or “handed-in” for registration on the following day.


The day after the matter is “put forward” or “handed-in”, the respective attorneys attend at the “Execution Room” of Deeds Office where they simultaneously “execute” (sign) the transfer and bond documentation in the presence of the Registrar of Deeds or his/her nominated Officials. The Registrar of Deeds or his/her nominated Officials will co-sign the documentation and update the Deeds Office records to reflect the registration.

By Damina Sequeira from Kruger Attorneys & Conveyancers Inc