Suzette Van Niekerk

Karis Properties / Estate Agent
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Energetic. Passionate. Knowledgeable. All about the customer!” “I always believe the customers’ needs and concerns are my number one priority. My goal is to be available to my... customers and to work with their best interest in mind – all the time.” a Dedicated and committed agent, Suzette’s energy, easy going style and unmistakable knowledge of the area and the business makes her the ideal choice for helping with all your real estate needs. Suzette is very well rounded in various aspects of the real estate industry with a vast amount of experience in the sales environment and has strong sales and leasing know-how. Once you have made your decision she will put you in contact with Bond originators and conveyance attorneys to help ensure a smooth transaction. If you are thinking about building your home Suzette will help YOU by teaming up with: Architect: ….to oversee YOUR plans and designs of your dream home. Civil Engineers: ….to deal with YOUR design, construction, and maintenance of your stand. Project Managers: ..Takes the on responsibility of planning, execution and completion. Internal Attorneys: ensuring that all internal rules provided and regulated. Town Planners: optimizing the effectiveness of the land use and infrastructure. Quantity Surveyors: ensuring the required standards and qualities are met. Suzette will ensure that YOUR biggest concern will only be things like choosing the colour of your tiles. -Nothing to it but to do it -
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