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Johann Cronje is an experienced investment specialist with core business focused on the speculative distressed residential environment. He is able to advise you on the most... complex transaction type and is creative in providing tailor made financial structures for your asset investment portfolio. As a result of Johann Cronje's experience in the distressed environment interaction leads to transparent property investment advice - a matter the industry lacks currently. Johann Cronje is of opinion that a primary contributor to residential properties appearing on the distressed platform is caused by agents who did not possess the necessary skills to properly advise clients and merely had their own financial benefit as objective. Johann Cronje and Keageoz for that matter declares that they will advise clients complexly about the true obligation that vests with new home owners thus ensuring that reasonable pricing is achieved within the market place and to ascertain that clients do not; • Overpay for assets given the emotional excitement relative to such decisions. • Commit to residential investment without prior knowledge of the entire process and most importantly the entire financial impact this decision will have on their current and future portfolios. • Fall prey to real estate practitioners who merely care for their own financial benefit and not that of their sellers and purchasers. It would certainly be in the interest of justice for each of Keageoz’ representatives to be issued with their current annual fidelity fund certificates, as they will add value to the real estate profession and definitely set the benchmark to a level most will not be able to achieve. Keageoz is set for greatness given the fact that our corporate governance issues are now resolved and the foundation of this enterprise is established. The experience brought to the industry is extensive and Johann Cronje as principal of this enterprise will coach existing qualified agents as well as intern agents appropriately with the vision that the real estate profession is not only about selling houses. It is about creating a new profession in the corporate environment – one that is not associated with the bottom of the food chain yet one that is associated and recognized as a skilled field of expertise. Johann Cronje’s focus on perpetual self-development and training will also add value to the caliber of real estate practitioners that emanate from this enterprise.
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