Jeffrey's Bay

Jeffrey’s Bay is known the world over as J-Bay, the surfing mecca of South Africa. The perfect waves enticing surfers from around the world to visit its shores, and in some cases even becoming the permanent home of these world-class athletes.

The town started out as a sleepy little town, which mainly consisted of a small community of fishermen and later also surfers, to become on the fastest growing urban areas in South Africa. Despite this growth, the area is still a laid-back slice of paradise.

Much of the economy of the town is centered around the tourism industry, but it is not just the surfing that attracts tourists to the area. Jeffrey’s Bay is also well known for its amazing shells which stretch on for meters on the Blue Flag beaches.

To the northeast of the town on the Kabeljous River lies the Kabeljous Nature Reserve. The reserve can be walked, which is well known to anglers for its diverse number of fish. The Kabeljous estuary is one of the best-preserved estuaries in the Eastern Cape. he nearby Kabeljous, Seekoei, and Krom river lagoons host numerous water birds and are also ideal for watersports like canoeing, boardsailing, and fishing. Every year, migrating whales make their way to Hermanus and Witsand to give birth, and whales can be seen breaching almost every day during the season.

If living in paradise seems like the right fit for you, then Jeffrey’s Bay is the place for you!

Jeffreys Bay Map
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