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Residential property sales surge in St Francis Bay – to the highest level in a decade
23 Mar 2022
The number of residential property sales transactions in St Francis Bay surged to its highest level in a decade during 2021 - with no signs of the market demand for homes abating, says Richard Arderne, area principal for Pam Golding Properties.
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Featured Property
3 Breathtaking new developments for sale
30 Jul 2021
For some buyers having the option to choose their own fixtures and finishes from a building plan is an exciting prospect!
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Market & Opinion
Home buyers look to spend their golden years on the Sunshine Coast
21 Jun 2021
Said to have the highest number of sunny days in South Africa, the Eastern Cape coastal region - or Sunshine Coast - is seeing a continued influx of home buyers acquiring property with a view to retirement either now or in the not-too-distant future, reports Pam Golding Properties.
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St Francis Bay Map

St Francis Bay at a glance

Nowhere in the whole of South Africa will you find a village as pleasing to the eye, as St Francis Bay. It defies description and has to be seen to be believed.

The village has evolved out of the vision of a man with an eye for aesthetics. Leighton Hulett started the town from a fishing camp of thatched rondavels, and friends who came to stay were so enchanted with the place, that they asked to be able to buy a piece of ground to build a place of their own.

His insistence on a specific style of architecture, preserving character, ensured the development of a village that is quite unique

The tranquil village of St Francis Bay boasts unique building styles, where black roofed and white-walled homes surround the canals and just down the road a Mediterranean building style fills the ridges of Santareme. From here the Kromme River can be navigated for 10km by leisure boat or canoe, whilst the extensive canal system offers residents and holidaymakers an exotic marina lifestyle

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  • Sea Vista Primary School
  • St Francis College