What type of complaints may be lodged with the Rental Housing Tribunal?

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A complaint about unfair practice may be lodged by a tenant or a landlord of a property (for example, a house, room or flat), for example:

  • Unacceptable living conditions, such as overcrowding or hygienic issues.
  • Insufficient maintenance or repairs of a property.
  • Not paying rent to the landlord.
  • Asking an excessive amount of rent.
  • Not refunding a deposit of the tenant.
  • Damage to a property (for example, a door of the landlord or a table of the tenant).
  • Eviction without a court order.
  • Disconnection of services (such as electricity) without a court order.
  • Non-compliance with the Rental Housing Act.
  • Not issuing a receipt to a tenant in respect of payment made.
  • Discrimination by a landlord on ground of race, sex and so on, of a tenant.