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Signs that the residential property market is beginning to stabilise
08 Nov 2019
Until there is greater clarity on the prospects of a recovery in the local economy, the housing market, which remains resilient but is currently weighted in favour of buyers, is unlikely to enter another fully-fledged recovery.
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Discovery Place wins at SAPOA Innovative Excellence Awards
28 Jun 2019
Discovery Place, the new high-performance global headquarters developed for Discovery in a joint venture of two of South Africa’s leading property companies, Growthpoint Properties, and Zenprop Property Holdings, is the overall winner of the prestigious South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) Awards 2019.
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Mythbusters – The sectional title edition
10 Apr 2019
If you have ever watched the popular Discovery Channel television show “Mythbusters”, you will know that some myths are so entrenched in popular belief that we are left stunned when they are proved inaccurate. In this article, I will dispel 3 common myths members of bodies corporate tend to live by.
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