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Developments to look out for in Port Elizabeth
02 Mar 2020
The latest stats from Lightstone Property reveal that the Eastern Cape has the highest provincial house price inflation at 4.5%. This beats the 3.9% inflation rate of the Western Cape’s property market, which has been the leading province in terms of house price growth for some time now.
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Signs that the residential property market is beginning to stabilise
08 Nov 2019
Until there is greater clarity on the prospects of a recovery in the local economy, the housing market, which remains resilient but is currently weighted in favour of buyers, is unlikely to enter another fully-fledged recovery.
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International property market review for South African buyers
27 Sep 2019
Emigration-driven sales are on the rise, accounting for 14.2% of all sales in the Q1 2019 FNB Estate Agents Survey. The American company, Pew Research, revealed that the most popular destination for South African expats was the United Kingdom, with a total of 210,000 living in there in 2017. This was closely followed by 190,000 South African expats living in Australia and further 100,000 living in American states.
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How long will it take to sell my home in the current market?
10 Sep 2019
Signs of an emerging turnaround in residential property activity are continuing, as the housing market in South Africa demonstrates ongoing resilience despite the challenges of a muted economy and socio-political impacts.
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