What can I do if my tenant damaged the property?

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If you asked for a deposit, you can use the money to repair damages attributed to the tenant beyond normal wear and tear when the tenant moves out. Be sure to follow these steps:

  • When your tenant moves in, inspect the property together and list, in writing, any existing defects - both should sign this and it must be attached to the lease agreement.
  • When your tenant moves out, inspect the property together again, ideally no earlier than three days before the tenant moves out.
  • Compare the new list of defects with the list you made earlier.
  • You may give the tenant a chance to do the repairs personally, or you can agree that you will do it. Hold on to receipts for repairs paid for out of the deposit. Your former tenant has a right to see them.

If repairs cost less than the deposit plus the interest accrued, you will have to reimburse your former tenant with the difference.

  • Contact the Rental Housing Tribunal if you have problems.