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Public transport, urban development and property values
13 Feb 2020
Transport plays a critical role in urban development for a number of significant reasons, but globally the cities that generally top the lists in surveys measuring urban quality of life are those that prioritise public transport, affording people ease of access to key areas and amenities.
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West Coast property owners could be ordered to demolish their houses
30 Jan 2020
Provincial government warns owners about building too close to the sea
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City approves R14-billion Foreshore development despite objections
28 Oct 2019
Housing activists disappointed by lack of affordable housing in proposal
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This is how long your property will be on the market in Gauteng and Cape Town
14 Oct 2019
Selling real estate is not as instantly gratifying as selling shares or cashing in on other investments. Those hoping to sell within the current market are likely to wait for roughly 14 weeks (which is the national average) before closing the deal.
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