Return of real estate in level 3

Following the announcement that clarified the official Level 3 regulations, clause 46 read in conjunction with Table 2 makes it clear – all business services bar those stated in Table 2 may operate under Level 3. This means that all real estate services may operate as of 01 June.

“This is good news for the real estate industry and the country as a whole. After weeks and weeks, late nights and early mornings by many people in the industry, we have managed to finally open a door. We need to make sure we capitalise on this opportunity safely. There is still much to do, which is why we sent out a Covid-19 Workplace Plan template to all our offices earlier this week, together with recommended safety procedures and material to be used for display purposes when conducting business. It was stated in the speech that every office must have a plan available for inspection and that every person affiliated to the company must be made aware and understand the contents of the plan. It is imperative that protocols are followed strictly to ensure the safety of our clients, our colleagues and our agents.”

“We are only at the start line now of a long recovery ahead. Relentless tenacity, impeccably high work ethic, unquestionable skill, experience and an unbridled passion for the clients we serve will determine the level of our success as we forge ahead in these uncertain times. May you all stay safe and healthy as we prepare to enter the next level of lockdown restrictions. God bless all our associates and fellow South Africans,” says Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett

These sentiments were echoed by CEO of Leapfrog Property Group, Bruce Swain. 

"President Ramaphosa's announcement that Lockdown levels will be lifted to Level 3 on 1 June is one that we welcome and believe to be the right one at this time. We are particularly pleased that the property sector is able to go back to work as it's an industry that contributes significantly to the GDP and employs in excess of 100 000 people. At a time when our economy is under great pressure and the financial burden on individuals threatens to be crippling, we believe that being able to freely trade property is crucial. 

We are committed to adhering to social distancing best practices and putting all the necessary measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of both our staff and clients"

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