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Modelled on French Provençal and Cape Vernacular styles, Val de Vie’s homes portray the allure of the estate’s rich history, while offering residents world-class modern living.

Dating back to 1783, Val de Vie Estate is rich in history and forms part of a larger World Heritage Site. Val de Vie falls within the Cape Floral Kingdom (a proclaimed World Heritage Site), and one of the first steps from the estate was to rescue over 3 000 plants and bulbs (including rare and vulnerable flora), which were replanted into a dedicated 70 hectares’ conservation area on Phase 1

The secure lifestyle at Val de Vie is maintained with state-of-the-art technology and 24-hour response teams. Val de Vie encapsulates luxury and comfortable family living. Efficient planning and use of space were key aspects that were factored into the design of the estate. Every square metre was considered and optimised based on external views and the environment.

With its myriad developments and varied home styles, Val de Vie caters for a range of discerning homeowners. Estate amenities include over 40km of bike trails, two gyms, two polo fields and an international standard equestrian area, 64 stables and a Polo Club Restaurant. Residents are able to visit the estate’s 25-hectare wine farm and a wine cellar that produces award-winning wines, as well as a commercial coffee roaster. There are boutique offices on the estate, as well as a preschool that accommodates 160 children.

Property Types

  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Houses
  • Vacant Land


  • La Rochelle Girls’ High School
  • Paarl Gimnasium
  • Stellenbosch High School
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