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Lifestyle & Architecture
Home renovations: Manage expectations and stay close to the project
04 Oct 2021
Stories and anecdotes of disastrous home renovation experiences are easy to find. It’s even sometimes pinpointed as the scapegoat for divorce! While the latter may be said in jest, property renovations can be a very stressful experience, which is why it helps to be prepared and informed before the first deposit is paid, or the wall gutted.
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Featured Property
5 Marvelous Milnerton Properties For Sale
15 Jun 2021
With a mixture of beachfront apartments, modern townhouses, and established homes, Milnerton has a range of property options on offer for every type of buyer or tenant.
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Market & Opinion
Affordably priced Cape Metro homes below R1.5m are being snapped up
08 Apr 2021
Affordably priced homes below R1.5 million are flying off the shelves in the Cape Town Metro, to the extent that there is currently a shortage of stock in this price band.
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