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Insurance essentials for community housing schemes
23 Feb 2021
There is much that Sectional Title trustees and Home Owners’ Association directors can do to avoid large insurance claims arising in their housing schemes – and also much that they must do to avoid any claims that are submitted from being repudiated.
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Market & Opinion
It’s all about the average
27 Nov 2020
Consider your commercial property – imagine R1.5 million is the value you have chosen to insure your equipment and office supplies in your insurance policy, but the true replacement cost comes to R3 million. If a fire, storm damage or crime causes damage to your contents, you are likely to come up short when you claim – by at least half.
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Featured Property
5 Properties for sale in Centurion
23 Nov 2020
The first thing you will notice about Centurion is that despite its ever-expanding urban landscape, there is a sense of community that many large cities lack. It is world-class conveniences woven into a small town fabric to create one of Gauteng’s most vibrant up-and-coming areas
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Market & Opinion
Here is what you need to know about building insurance during lockdown
01 Jun 2020
With lockdown lingering on, vacant properties become a growing insurance concern. To build on the solid foundation of having short-term cover in place, it’s important to assess the structure of any property you are insuring and to evaluate if the insurance you have in place is robust enough if put to the test.
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