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Farm For Sale In Tarlton

Centrally located near Tarlton, with easy access to the main roads is this magnificent 45.55ha tunnel and open land vegetable production unit. There are a total of 2.7ha of tunnels on the farm and an additional three units that serve as the seedling nursery.

Summer crops are usually peppers and cucumbers, whilst in winter the tunnels are used for lettuce production or allowed to lay fallow. 15ha of the property have been developed for open land production, 6ha are equipped with the “floppy” system and 9ha are under standard sprinklers. There is a large water reservoir that is fed by three boreholes and this in turn feeds the various irrigation systems. A large storage area serves as the pack house, stores, equipment storage and office block. Adjacent to the pack house is a boiler house for heating the tunnels in winter, however it is being sold as a non-working unit and the new owner may repair this. Located in this shed are pack house equipment and automated wrapping machines for the different products. The pack house area also boasts two large drive in fridges for chilling the produce.

Infrastructure on the farm is superb with many tarred roads, a 1.8m electric fence securing the entire property and entry is gained through automated gates. This is a lock stock and barrel sale of a going concern, the buyer will probably purchase the shares. Included in the sales price is VAT which could be zero rated, all the assets and machinery to run the operation and the crop on hand at date of transfer. The crop value could be up to R3million depending on the time of the season and when the transaction is registered.

Accommodation on the property consists of 10 staff rooms. The main residence is fenced with a separate electric fence and offers a beautiful brick under corrugated iron 3 bedroom home, set in the manicured gardens is a three bedroom cottage along with a swimming pool. The second house is also fenced in and is a four bedroom unit built from brick and IBR.

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property listed on 13 Nov 2017