What the local Kempton Park area experts say
Desiree Bothma
Master Practioner in Real Estate (MPRE) /Certified Estate Agenct Principal, 12 years experience in real estate of own Agency
What makes Kempton Park a great suburb?
The community is vibrant, growing,and dynamic.
The typical Kempton Park buyer
Varies, buyers have different needs and it changes as the ages and needs change. We have young first time buyers, expanding family buyers and even the retired downscaling buyers. All unique in their own way.
Price overview of Kempton Park
First time buyer homes can be found as low as R400 upwards and rentals we have a variety of lower income rentals from R3000 p/ to higer end rentals at R25000p/m. Kempton Park caters for all income groups.
Popular in Kempton Park
We have of the best model C - Goverment schools, primary and High schools, Dries Niemand park, have excellent community and sport facilities, close to other large cities, airport and various. Festival mall caters for all ages, boasting cinemas and an ice rink.
My Kempton Park tip
There are many homes available to buy with cottages or able to convert to cottages, which is great at helping you pay you bond off if rent out the cottage.
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