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South African virtual auction studio launch sets new global bar for auctioneering technology
10 Jun 2020
A full-size, dedicated live-stream auction studio on a scale equivalent to those routinely used by major television networks for news or sports broadcasts has been launched by premier South African real estate and movables specialist auctioneers, High Street Auctions.
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Market & Opinion
Seeff calls for massive interest rate slash to boost investment into economy and property
19 May 2020
It is evident that drastic measures are needed to encourage South Africans to invest in the economy and property market, says Samuel Seeff, chairman of the Seeff Property Group.
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Market & Opinion
Changing to adapt to new conditions post-COVID-19
12 May 2020
People often talk glibly about adapting to change, but in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, it seems more likely that we are going to have to fundamentally change in order to adapt to new situations, conditions, and environments in the future.
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Lifestyle & Architecture
Sustainable urban densification in a millennial, post-Covid 19 world
06 May 2020
Urbanisation has been a major watchword of the 21st century, with 55% of the world’s population already living in urban areas and numbers expected to increase to almost 70% by 2050, however, the course of urbanisation is likely to be significantly altered by several forcible disrupters.
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