Showstopper: How to put your property’s best foot forward on show day

News > Market & Opinion - 12 Jul 2019

In many ways show day is like your property’s first date... it’s the chance to make a good first impression and capture the attention of the right buyer so that things can be taken further! 

Seriously though, you want to make sure the property is immediately appealing and flaunting all its best features. 

Naturally price is important too, but potential buyers are likely to only look at properties in their price range anyway, so the show house experience definitely plays a role in attracting buyers, says Michelle Cohen, Principal at Leapfrog Johannesburg North East. 

She adds that people need to be able to imagine themselves living in the space, which is why it pays for the seller to make an effort to make it as appealing as possible. 

Cohen shares her top 5 tips for ensuring your show house stands out: 

1. Clean & clear the clutter 

Nothing says chaos quite like clutter! It’s easy to overlook your own clutter, but rather essential to pack it away when potential buyers come for a viewing. An untidy, cluttered home can be a major deterrent, particularly in high-use spaces 

like the kitchen and bathroom. 

2. Check the temperature 

A space that’s either too hot or too cold can make people feel uncomfortable, which creates a negative impression of the space, even if it is on a subconscious level. Consider lighting a fire to warm the room if it’s cold, or put a fan on to get air circulating if it’s hot. 

3. The right lighting 

Switch strategic lights on to create a light and warm atmosphere. Do this in addition to opening the blinds and curtains. You may even want to consider illuminating a dark spot with a spotlight that helps to emphasise the area’s key features. 

4. Sweet scents 

This one can be tricky because you don’t want to overwhelm people with overly strong scents or fragrances, or even something they may be allergic to. A neutral, clean smell is the safest bet, though few people object to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee so having a pot going shouldn’t do any harm! 

5. Leave the premises 

Make plans to vacate the property on show day. It generally makes people uncomfortable to view a property thoroughly when the owners are around. Lock away your valuables and use show day as an excuse to head out for the day. 

“Ultimately it’s about ensuring people get a favourable impression of the property and presenting, as far as possible, the property in such a way that others can imagine living there themselves.” Cohen believes. A trusted property advisor will certainly also guide you in optimising the opportunity presented by a show day. 


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