Increase your home's screen appeal

With many real estate agents resorting to virtual showings and 3D tours during the COVID-19 pandemic we take a look at how you can increase your property's chances to stand out amongst the sea of online listings.

When you first listed your home, you might have been prepared for open houses and showings over the weekend but right now, the restrictions on movement and real estate agents mean that homes cannot be shown in person. So what is left to do? Video tours, 3D tours, and even live property walkthroughs are becoming the norm for fast-thinking agents and home owners trying to sell. But how can you increase your home's "screen appeal?"

Here are the top tips for getting your home in the best possible position to stand out in the crowd:

Stage your space

We have been doing it during the lockdown but if you want to take it to the next level, home staging calls for aggressive decluttering. From putting away the kid's toys to recycling magazines and papers. It is also best to box up picture frames, family mementos and random knick knacks taking up space. The goal is not to strip the home of all personality, but rather to create a clean, neutral space that will allow buyers to see the home properly - the added benefit is that rooms will look more spacious without all the random things standing around. 

Take a couple of photos of your space and see what you can move around to improve the layout on screen. If you’re planning on creating a recorded or live video tour, video call a friend and do a walkthrough and see if you have a clear path between furniture pieces. You definitely want to avoid tripping over an ottoman while doing a live tour.

As if we haven't been cleaning enough, a final dust and clean before taking photographs or recording a video is definitely recommended. It is also advisable to replace all the bulbs in the house to ensure rooms are as bright as they can be - dark interiors won't read well online.

If your home is currently empty and you are able to either clean it or ask your agent to have it cleaned by someone professionally - do it! A dusty, empty home is not attractive and will not do you any favours in the current market. Remember to replace all the lightbulbs and if you see areas that require a bit of maintenance attend to it as quickly as possible.

Your home looks great — now share it

Have your agent upload the newly enhanced listing photos online to property platforms, such as MyProperty, to advertise online and ask them to share it online on their own social media platforms. Share those posts to your page and groups you are in to maximise exposure. 

And finally, if you are an estate agent currently using Entegral Technologies as a service provider consider trying out the MyProperty Virtual Tour creator an easy way to create a virtual tour.

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