Farmers buying family homes in Bloem

Bloemfontein is surrounded by some 35 small towns and old farming communities from where many are relocating to be closer to the city’s good schools and amenities.
Verna Van Den Blink of Sotheby’s International Realty® in Bloemfontein says, “The move from cattle and agricultural to more lucrative game farming, among other factors, has made for less employment in smaller towns resulting in shops and services closing down due to lack of business and dwindling amenities.
“Farmers and business owners in outlying towns are increasingly placing their children in Bloem’s good schools and they typically set their wives up in secure cluster homes from which they commute to their farms during the week.
“In addition, retirees from outlying towns are moving into the city to be closer to amenities and medical facilities and as a result there is increased demand for homes in security developments within the town.
Van Den Blink says that last year alone 800 units were sold in the western suburb of Langehoven Park. There is talk of some 5000 units been built within the next 5 years in the northern areas of Bloem to keep up with buyer demand.

“Bloem’s shopping facilities attract those from as far a field as Kimberly. A 550 million waterfront shopping complex is currently under construction and the newly erected Mimosa Mall both indicate the commercial investment happening in the area.

“One can buy 2-3 bedroomed homes sectional title units in new security complexes for as little as R500 000 – R600 000 - prices which are unheard of in other metropole areas of SA.”
Van den Blink says that with more frequent, inexpensive flights to and from Gauteng they are expecting a further influx of buyers wanting to relocate their families from Gauteng to take advantage of Bloem’s schools and countrified surroundings.

“Although it is a growing metropolis Bloem retains a small town feel which is appealing to many who have had enough of the crime and traffic of Gauteng.”

For more information on property in and around Bloemfontein contact John Ahern on 083 371 7120.

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