Dubai – A Clever Investment.

   Dubai Marina – Price Starts from ZAR 1,800,000

Fine & Country International Realty in conjunction with Fine & Country Middle East introduced high profile investors and guests to some of Dubai’s finest investments, which were displayed at five of the group’s prestigious property evenings recently held in various provinces throughout South Africa.


Dubai – one of the fastest growing cities in the world, according to,, has shown remarkable growth within the trading, manufacturing and tourism industries, which now dominate Dubai’s vibrant economy.


“With a 16% growth rate – almost double of that of China - Dubai offers potential buyers exceptional investment opportunities,” says Phil Sheridan, Managing Director of Fine & Country in the Middle East who recently won the Best Dubai Agent 2006 prize at the annual CNBC Awards.
Wadi Walk – City of Arabia - Price Starts from ZAR 1,600,000 ( However this particular location is offering 50% In house finance guaranteed)

Linda Erasmus, CEO of Fine & Country, South Africa, rates the prospects of holiday accommodation as phenomenal, adding that Dubai has some of the highest hotel occupancy rates in the world at the moment. “Investors are also drawn to the fact that they can secure Dubai residency through property ownership,” Erasmus says. 


Erasmus explains that the majority of Dubai properties are purchased off-plan. “The Emirates property payment schedules differ from South Africa’s in the sense that a 10% deposit together with subsequent stage payments up to the completion of the project is required.” In South Africa, payment is usually only required upon completion of the project.


Dubai’s prestigious hotels, world-class shopping malls, top international airport and tourist attractions turned it into an investment hub. It is for this very reason that smart investors should invest in Dubai,” notes Erasmus.
 Canal Residences – Dubai Sports City - Price Starts from ZAR 1,300,000

Dubai recently launched the world’s largest indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai. It is also home to the Middle East’s oldest zoo, the Wild Wadi Water Park and Bab Al Shams. Last-mentioned is a desert resort where visitors are afforded the opportunity to experience Wadi’s – mountain beds of natural water streams.


The surrounding desert is perfect for 4 X 4 safaris while the Summer Surprise Festival held during Dubai’s summer months from June to September, attracts thousands of visitors each year.


“Tourists can also visit the amazing Palm Islands, the World Collection of Islands, see the tallest building in the world take shape, take a Dhow trip along the historic Dubai Creek or visit the Spice and Gold Souks,” Erasmus concludes.

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