Don’t sell yourself short on agency choice

“No matter where your home is located or what it’s value is, the current market means you should seek out the very best real estate marketing service available so that you can achieve the highest possible price in the shortest time,” says Lindie de Bruin, co-owner and principal of the Sotheby’s International Realty franchise for the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

“And yet many home sellers in our areas seem to believe that they can’t avail themselves of our services unless they have a multi-million rand home to sell. This is simply not true as a very large percentage of the homes we market are in the under-R1m price range.

“What is more, we don’t discriminate at all as to level of service. Our highly-trained agents apply the same marketing methods and expertise to every property we list, whether it is worth R600 000 or R6m.”

Lew Geffen, chairman of Sotheby’s International Realty in South Africa, confirms that more than 30 percent of the homes the company sells locally are priced at less than R1-million, and says: “We obviously have the global reach to market high-end properties to high net worth investors from all around the world, and we do sell quite a number of these multi-million rand homes every year.

“But we also recognise that by far the majority of property sales in this country are still to South African buyers, and in the light of the growing trend towards downscaling to smaller, more secure and more manageable homes, most are taking place in the more affordable price brackets.

“Consequently, we make the international marketing expertise and the huge resources resident in the Sotheby’s International Realty group available to all our clients, right across the price spectrum – and in every area where we operate.”

For example, he says, the ground has one of the most sophisticated and effective internet marketing systems around, “which in addition to our extensive print advertising commitment, ensures that every client’s property gets the maximum possible exposure to potential buyers.

“And it’s all part of our standard service offering, so even sellers with smaller, less-expensive properties don’t have to sell themselves short when it comes to choosing an agent.”
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