Designs with a twist

Looking for a bedside table that encapsulates your design aesthetic can be difficult has options are very limited. But we showcase bedside tables which aren’t necessarily tables...

Use a ladder to hang a light, books and jewellery from. It is a space saver and can be refurbished from an old ladder you are no longer using.

Using a chair as a bedside table has a few benefits. You can either use it exclusively as a bedside table or as extra seating for when you need it.

Ottomans are a great way to add a bedside table and also add texture and colour to your room.

Pallets are very trendy at the moment and painting over an old pallet and using it as a bedside table is just the beginning.

For an bedside table with extra storage space a chest is the perfect solution. What makes this so great is that you can use any kind, paint it, leave it is all up to you!

Definitely more than a little quirky. Attach the half table to the wall and you have a space saving bedside table. Found a table in a secondhand shop that is kind of great on one half and in bad shape on the other? Now you can do something with it!

Stack of neatly stacked magazines for your magazines? Why not! You can constantly change them and reuse old magazines. Eco friendly has never looked so stylish!

Love outdoor finishes? Bring it into the bedroom by using a brightly painted tin bucket as a place to keep your books and magazines.

Cheese barrels add texture and character to a room without overpowering it. They are also the perfect height for a bedside table.

Stack old suitcases on top of each other to create a bedside table.

Use an old wooden stove as a bedside table, this will add the illusion of warmth and we are sure that it will last a lot longer than any other table.

We all know these tin or aluminium bins, well they are no longer just for the garden rubbish. Use them as a minimalistic bedside table instead.

Strapped for space? Why not mount a wooden top of an ironing board if you only have a narrow space next to the bed?

Somewhere along the line most of us dreamt of being in a band, we bought the kit and practiced for hours. Now for some those dreams came true, if you aren’t one of those (or even if you are) and you still have your old drum kit standing around why not use the drums as a bedside table as shown in this photograph?

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