Delays in the Deeds Office from further bonds

News > news - 15 Jul 2005
Transactions of either property or bond cannot be registered in the Deeds Office without the original title deeds to the property, according to an article in the July monthly newsletter of Durban attorneys, AMC Hunter Inc.

The article points out that it takes the Deeds Office in Pietermaritzburg between 10 to 12 weeks to micro-film and release title deeds back to the conveyancers, once a transaction has been registered.

“This means that if a property is sold again quickly, or if an owner takes out a second bond over his property and subsequently sells it, it can cause a delay of two to three months to register such transfer. The same applies to transfers in developments where the sectional title register has been opened – further transfers can only be registered once the deed has been released from the Deeds Office.”
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