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News > news - 27 Jan 2012
Everyone wants a more spacious home, but many new homes are smaller than those from yesteryear. But there are other ways to make your interiors look bigger, these five steps will help you do that with minimal effort.

Get rid of the clutter

We all have things in our spaces that no longer serve a real decorative purpose, such as furniture, knickknacks or old pictures. They clutter up a space and reduces the idea of space. Pictures can be stored, pieces of furniture are always welcomed by your children who just moved into their first apartment or you could even take them to an auction house.

If you feel that you cannot get rid of pieces of furniture take some time to figure out if you could rearrange the furniture in a way which could create the illusion of space, don’t be a afraid to break the furniture “boundaries” in the room. Move things around!

Light the way

The easiest way of creating the illusion of space and airiness is by ensuring a room is well lit. If you focus on certain spots this creates the impression that there is an extra dimension beyond them.

Colour creatively

By using a few colours which harmonises you are once again creating the illusion of space, and by pairing the new paint job with beautiful lighting you are going for a double whammy. Remember that light and bright colours enhance a feeling of space, it has been proven time and time again.

Paint over tiles

If a room's walls are tiled and you feel that this creates a closed in, cramped atmosphere, remember that it is possible to paint over tiles, again using light colours. This will be a great
deal cheaper than re-tiling in lighter hues.

Think lines and circles

Until quite recently, people were reluctant to have two colours or different patterns on the same wall. The truth is, however, that this can add character, interest and space to an interior. If you want to increase the feeling of space, use horizontal lines. If you want to 'heighten' the room, use vertical lines — and if you want to give a backdrop to a light, a vase or a picture, try a circle.
Any deviation from the norms in this respect will always add interest and, once again, improve the feeling of space.

These tips are particularly relevant when a home is about to be put on a show day. Spending a few hundred rand and preparing the home in the ways described can very often make a significant difference to the impression it creates on visitors.
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