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News > news - 06 May 2010
To build on the huge success of its Home Makeover projects of the past two years and to celebrate its 30th birthday, the Chas Everitt International property group has just launched ChasCares, a new corporate responsibility programme with a broader and deeper reach.
“The Home Makeover projects in Gauteng and the Western Cape were very substantial,” says group CEO Berry Everitt, “but still meant that many of our offices and agents could not be as involved as they would have liked in our community support activities.
“The ChasCares CRP will address this, enabling everyone in the group to participate – and enabling them to reach further and deeper into their own communities to touch people who need help”
Bearing in mind that the group is 30 years old this year, the ChasCares programme will involve each office in the group in doing 30 “acts of kindness” during the year “to say a direct thank you to SA for 30 years of support”, as well as three major regional campaigns, he says.
“And many of the sponsors that were involved in the Home Makeover projects are already on board to support the new programme at regional level.”
ChasCares will, Everitt explains, be multi-layered and while it will be co-ordinated nationally, it will be structured so that regions and branches can identify needs in their own areas and decide which organisations or projects they wish to support with their own fund-raising or other activities.
“This means, no doubt, that the beneficiaries of the ChasCares programme are going to be very diverse, but the needs are great in SA and we feel that what is important now is for everyone in the group to touch as many other lives as possible and make a difference where they are, as this is a very important part of the Chas Everitt culture.”
A ChasCares website has already been launched (see and will be used to promote the programme and keep a record of its various activities around the country. News and events will also be posted for fans to the new ChasCares page on Facebook. (become a fan)
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