Chas Everitt ups the ante with new branding technology

News > news - 07 Aug 2009

At a time when other real estate groups are adopting austerity measures, Chas Everitt International is investing heavily on behalf of its franchisees in cutting-edge technology that will help protect the value of their brand.

That's the news from group marketing manager Andre de Villiers, who says the new technology will go a long way towards maintaining brand conformity across the organisation by streamlining and standardising the branding activities undertaken by the franchisees.

"Chas Everitt International Design or CEID has been specifically developed for the group by Graphite Designers and will enable the DIY production by individual offices of quality-controlled Chas Everitt branded marketing material. The software program controls all brand and design elements such as colour, pantone, swatches, fonts and logo positioning, thereby maintaining brand integrity to the benefit of all our franchisees.

"This new technology will ensure that all advertisements and other marketing materials that are generated by the franchisees themselves will conform perfectly to Chas Everitt brand standards, and ensure that the whole group is 'on brand' all the time."

CEID is a template-driven system and can be used to produce a wide range of materials including business cards, advertisements for high-quality print publications, pamphlets and corporate emails, he says.

"To use the system, users need only to upload the required text and images and select a few design options. The program will then synchronise all elements appropriately and will even "think" about whether to use high or low-resolution images.

"All components are then saved and the proposed material can then be sent to the Chas Everitt controller who will sign it off for final release. It will then be sent either to an in-house printer or to Chas Everitt's publishing partner Postnet for publication."

And there is still room for flexibility, De Villiers says. "Specific templates can be produced by Graphite Designers in about two days should an agency principal require customised material for a specific marketing campaign."

CEID is currently in the process of being rolled out, he notes, and all branches are being encouraged to become familiar with the program as it will soon become the group standard.



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