Chas Everitt joins campaign for effective estate management

The Chas Everitt International property group has been appointed an exclusive platinum provider by the Association of Residential Communities (ARC), which assists homeowners’ associations and bodies corporate around the country to manage estates and sectional title complexes more efficiently.

“The ARC is a great idea and we are proud to be its real estate partner,” says Chas Everitt Franchising CEO Barry Davies. “There are hundreds of estates and sectional title complexes in SA, housing many thousands of people and generating more than R3,5bn a year in levy income, and yet the vast majority are run by volunteers.

“Now the ARC is there to offer training, knowledge and best practice procedures to the directors of homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and the trustees of bodies corporate, and in the process to help protect and increase the value of residents’ homes. These are currently estimated to be worth a total of around R480bn.”

ARC president Jeff Gilmour says that over 80% of the challenges and issues that estates and complexes deal with are common to them all but that when making decisions, directors and trustees tend to reinvent the wheel, which takes time and invariably costs more money than is necessary.

“So what ARC has done is gather together a diverse team of experts who represent all of the disciplines that estates deal with and who can assist the HOA to quickly make informed, sound decisions.”

Dave Goddard, CEO of the ARC, says that together with its team of experts it has also developed training programmes and workshops to assist directors, trustees and full-time estate managers to increase their knowledge and skills in all aspects of estate administration.

When an estate or complex becomes a member of the ARC, he explains, it receives an “audit tool” to help manage its maintenance and planning procedures, as well as all the information, resources and education programmes needed to help the directors or trustees do a better job.

“The ARC also takes the risk out of finding the right service providers and it has a project division to manage big projects and provide quality assurance. This division also handles the transition from developer to HOA and ensures that this happens as smoothly as possible. Millions of rands can be saved by doing this professionally.”

The ARC also aims to boost the whole estate management industry and to this end publishes the latest news, trends, laws, and issues affecting HOAs and bodies corporate in the form of a free monthly newsletter. To sign up for this newsletter, or to obtain more information about the ARC services and membership, visit or call 0861-462-463.
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