Chas Everitt convention goes ahead

News > news - 10 Mar 2009

At a time when most real estate companies are having to cut back and cancel corporate events, Chas Everitt International is steaming ahead with its National Solutions Council next week.

Set to run from Tuesday to Friday (subs: 10-3 March), the event will be attended by Chas Everitt franchise owners from around the country and also from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mauritius, where the group has recently opened offices. Representatives of the major banks and mortgage originators have also been invited.

"Most groups have cancelled gatherings like this due to the poor state of the real estate market," says Chas Everitt International CEO Berry Everitt, "but our group's performance over the past few months has been well ahead of expectations and we feel it is important for our franchisees to have this opportunity to gain new business insights and to share their success strategies.

"We will also still be holding an international awards event in May to acknowledge the top sales performers in the group. This will be held in Mauritius to mark the fact that we now have a successful operation up and running there."

The theme of next week's event, he says, will be "New market, new ideas - adapt and thrive", and it will be used as an opportunity to launch new efficiencies such as the technology the group has recently invested in to lower the cost of marketing to databases.

"And of course we want to ensure that we reinforce the excellent leadership we have within the group so we can continue to move in the right direction."


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