Changing the face of search technology

Fine & Country South Africa is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive South African property search portal,

Aided by the technical backing of an award winning UK based multimedia agency, Graydot, the website technology is a first for South Africa: a fully Geographic Information System (GIS) based property search technology - ‘Rocket Map’.

Graydot’s brief for the project was to produce an easy to use, South African focused property search system which encompassed the brand’s subtleness while focusing on a unique visual search approach.

The innovative concept of Rocket Map, which was developed over the last five years, enables property buyers to visually search for property with the aid of interactive street maps. Users are able to filter property information on, or off, the maps according to specific search criteria. Integrating with a specialist API Map system, the system delivers clean, intuitive, efficient, scaleable maps, which can handle additional supporting amenities data such as schools locations, hospitals, transport links and shopping malls. Apart from its unique search capabilities the site also offers several other features which integrate with the Rocket Map software;

• Full office search facility
• Property valuation request
• Property portfolio basket
• Various email communication forms
• SMS agent
• Printable details in PDF format for convenient saving or emailing
• Mortgage calculator
• Automatic property updates via HTML email
• Currency converter supported with live XML feed
• Image carousel
• Location maps for property and agent offices

To support this new face, Graydot has implemented two custom-built Content Management systems (CMS) which allow Fine & Country representatives to manage everything from generic page content to complete property listing data. These same systems are currently used to support prominent property organisations in the UK.

Some of the more important features embedded with these systems include:

• Complete asset library
• DHTML editor
• HTML Newsletter tool
• PDF Brochure wizard
• Property listings management
• Match & Mailing (applicants to property stock)
• Email Footer generator
• Document management intranet
• Property refer system
• Comprehensive reports system (web statistics, property geo-coding)

The Rocket Map system uses the power of the web to produce an unparalleled, specialist mapping search in respect of speed, delivery and ease of use. Using this visual search approach ensures delivery of a pleasing, efficient interaction with a potential customer and seamlessly connects with the next step in the sales process, namely contacting a representative for a viewing.

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