Centurion property market still going strong

The combination of a "country" atmosphere and excellent access to highways leading to Pretoria and Johannesburg continues to attract both homebuyers and property investors to Centurion.

And now, says Aida Centurion manager Ansie Cilliers, there is still strong demand for residential property across the full spectrum, but especially in the price range between R500 000 and R1,5m.

This is supporting prices despite large-scale development in the area in recent years and the recent market slow-down which is said to be discouraging buy-to-let owners.

"Buyers are attracted by the fact that Centurion offers different areas, each with distinct characteristics - and prices to match," she says. "It offers a large variety of sectional title units at around R500 000, free-standing homes in older suburbs from around R800 000 as well as luxury units in security developments.

"The town is also self-contained. It has several private schools as well as good English and Afrikaans medium government schools. Several large complexes, such as the Centurion Mall and the Mall at Reds, cater for shoppers while a large new complex near Irene will open soon. Residents also have access to the local Unitas Hospital."

Residential development in Centurion is characterised by low-rise sectional title units that contribute to a country feel, which is in particular demand among people working in stressful city environments, Cilliers says.

"Townhouses especially are in great demand among owner-buyers and investors alike, but supply is still limited and units that do come on to the market usually sell very fast. Duets also sell well at prices starting at R700 000 although lately there has been a measure of buyers' resistance to properties above the R1,5m mark."

Cilliers says top properties in the area carry price tags of more than R4m "However, on the whole they do represent good value. For instance, we have a property on our books that offers excellent location, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, four living areas, four garages and luxury finishes throughout for R4,4m."

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