Centurion agency rewrites record books

News > news - 02 Jul 2009

In a remarkable achievement considering the current economic downturn, a real estate agency in Centurion increased its sales in April and May by a whopping 300%.

Riëtte Oosthuizen, who was recently appointed manager of the RealNet offices in Centurion, says that the figures for June also look promising and she sees further growth potential for the franchise.

"Although there are still problems with getting bank approvals for bonds, prospective buyers are showing more confidence in the market. Attendance at show houses is up dramatically and we are currently in the process of interviewing agents. We are planning to double the number from the current six to 12," she says.

Oosthuizen, who has real estate experience spanning nearly two decades, was headhunted by RealNet to manage its Centurion office. CEO Tjaart van der Walt says the stellar performance of the office in April and May has much to do with Oosthuizen's sound management approach.

"In a market where sellers abound, Riëtte is focussing on buyers. Going the extra mile to find the right property for every client has yielded high dividends," he says.

Oosthuizen says there is a subtle difference between trying to sell a property and trying to find the right property for a specific buyer. "Our job is, however, made easier by RealNet's unique business model and the fact that Centurion buyers seem more confident to enter the market."

Buyers in the area are typically young people between the ages of 28 and 40 and at the moment they are showing a preference for homes in the R600 000 to R1,4m price range

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