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News > news - 31 Jan 2012
Exactly one year ago Entegral Technolgies went live with its new AWS Cloud platform on two of its key portals, namely MyProperty South Africa and MyProperty Namibia.

Entegral took a giant leap which required them to work through many technical challenges and late nights, which they now look back on with pride.

Adriaan Grové, Managing Director of Entegral Technolgies comments that “it has been a remarkable journey in the end that led us to (confidently) move all our real estate products and client websites to the Cloud. The team stuck together and made it work. Effectively we have created Africa’s first real estate cloud platform.”

Because the company was an early adaptor of ground breaking technology they knew that they would be taking risks, but they had the confidence in the product and set out to prove to their clients that it works.

Many new doors has been opened for them in the medical field because of this and this pushes them to constantly think out of the box.

Grové said it so eloquently:

“Today we are really celebrating freedom:

Freedom from dedicated server environments with all its limitations.
Freedom from high bandwidth and other costs.
Freedom from old technology.
Freedom from set server specs that you cannot scale on demand.
Freedom to explore and innovate more.

Maybe we should call this special day, ‘Entegral Independence Day’?”

Entegral would like to thank all their clients who remained by their side during this exciting time, it is these clients which are helping shape the future of real estate in Southern Africa.

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