Caravan to Chic

The world around us is changing at an alarming pace, consumerism is king and the truth is we are running out of space for the growing population. All hope is not lost though, there are still people out there pushing the envelope, trying to find ways to live sustainable in homes which requires less space.

This is where architect Matthew Hofmann comes in. In a bid to simplify his live he purchased a vintage 1978 Airstream trailer and renovated it, the end product is a beautiful live/work space with gorgeous eco-friendly finishes.

On his firm's blog, Hofmann talks about the motivation behind the trailer renovation:

I was at a point in my life where wanted to live with less. Two years ago I moved from a large house. And downsizing has a way of making you consider the value of possessions. I wondered, while looking at the massive truckload of things, how would I feel if this truck ran off a cliff and all was lost? My stuff was beginning to feel like a burden, like luggage. Things that I needed to take around with me wherever I went; a truckload-sized ball and chain.

In this project, Hofmann made sure to maximize space efficiency while keeping to a modern aesthetic. Original materials were re-finished and reused whenever possible, and whatever couldn't be reused was sorted and recycled.

The eco-friendly interiors include bamboo countertops, tables and floors. The lovely aqua-toned bathroom has recycled glass tiling. Low-VOC paints were used throughout.

With this one project completed last year, Matthew's firm, Hofmann Architecture is now expanding into redesigning small spaces and retrofitting old trailers like this one. It's great to see beautifully-done projects like these, and we hope to see more.
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