Cape’s Kuils River properties record strong price growth

News > news - 21 Apr 2006
The prevailing trend in the Cape residential property market for properties in the lower middle and lower class brackets to appreciate at a faster rate than those in the upper brackets is particularly evident in Kuils River, says Noelene Snyder, Rawson Properties franchisee for this area.

“Homes selling a year ago for under R500 000 are now fetching R600 000, R700 000 or even more,” she said. “The area is booming: even at the higher levels we have seen R1 million homes rise in price to R1,5 million in less than a year.”

Similar price rises had been witnessed in Eerste River albeit in a lower price bracket.

“Here,” she said, “the price range is from R180 000 to R380 000 but average sales figures are 30% up on those of a year ago.”

Snyder’s franchise, which sells up to 20 properties per month, is establishing a subsidiary office at Eerste River.
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