Cape property sold unseen to Taiwanese buyer

News > news - 06 Jun 2007
The power of e-marketing is becoming daily more evident in the property world, says Lanice Steward, MD of Anne Porter Knight Frank – and further evidence of this has come with the sale by APKF of a R4,85 million home in Kenilworth.

The buyer is a Taiwanese lady who enjoys a high profile in the financial world and who plans to retire to the Cape.

“What was different about this deal,” said Steward, “is that the sale was concluded without the buyer ever seeing the house. Having only been in Cape Town once she had fallen in love with the place and was therefore ready to make a decision on the house based on the photographs, the plans and the written details.

The deal, said Steward, was made even more satisfactory by APKF’s being able to arrange a good rental for the property with a major corporate for the intervening period before the owner moves in.

Steward said that this was not the first sale done by APKF without the buyer seeing the property.
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