Buyers seeking out Cape coastal gems

Homebuyers and investors are currently turning their attention to 'undiscovered' parts of the Cape coast - and Chas Everitt International property experts say there are several gems for those who know where to look.

Pat McLoughlin of Chas Everitt Hermanus expects major growth, for example, in the Gansbaai area. "Property is more affordable here than in Hermanus itself and Gansbaai remains a popular holiday destination among South Africans as well as foreign visitors who are attracted by the beautiful landscape and the opportunity to watch the Great White sharks in Walker Bay.

"Besides a soccer stadium planned for 2010, several other developments for the area are in the planning stages. This combination bodes well for investors who get in early."

At the same time, Dean Meijer of the Chas Everitt International office in neighbouring Onrus, says small villages are ready to accommodate the overflow of buyers from larger towns such as Hermanus.

"Sandbaai is one of these gems. Nestled between Hermanus and the rustic village of Onrus, Sandbaai is now attracting attention for all the right reasons. It is only a two-minute drive from the amenities in central Hermanus, but has its own beautiful and private little beach and plenty of
spectacular sea views.

"Development of the town is now in full swing with several units under construction and plans for its own shopping centre - yet property remains hugely affordable compared to its bigger neighbours," he says.

Two- and three-bedrooms homes here can still be had for prices from as little as R650 000. Prices of stands start at R389 000 and include beautiful mountain views. "Increasing numbers of investors and buyers of holiday property are realising that their investments are set to grow in value. The
trend will be sustainable until the local market catches up with the markets in Hermanus and Onrus."

Fisherhaven, 10km from Hermanus and 110km from Cape Town, is another case in point, says Meijer. "The village, situated on the banks of the unspoilt Bot River lagoon, takes its name from the activities of local fishermen of days
gone by. Stands are huge, with an average size of 1 300 sqm. At prices of around R300 000, this is a great buy, especially since the village shares its lagoon with the world-famous Arabella golf course and hotel."

House prices in Fisherhaven start at prices as low as R500 000 but, says Meijer, they are expected to rise. "Greater demand for property in this little haven is sure to push prices higher. According to statistics, sales last year were already 50% up on the previous year."

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