Buyers advised to ensure crime preventation taken seriously

News > news - 25 Jun 2008
Capping remarks made recently by Cape residential property marketers, Lanice Steward of Anne Porter Knight Frank has advised buyers to ensure the area into which they hope to purchase takes its crime prevention seriously.

“It is regrettable,” she said, “but we have to tell people these days that if they intend to live in a middle class suburb they should thoroughly check the area has security measures, bicycle and van patrols, armed response units and neighbourhood watch arrangements.

“We are now looking at a situation in which up to 10% of homes in some areas will experience a break-in or a grounds robbery each year. The good news, however, is that if the necessary precautions are taken crime is almost invariably well contained.”

In the current conditions, said Steward, neighbourhood watches can be a really important factor in containing crime, particularly if the participants stick to their duties over a long period.

“When a neighbourhood watch works as it should it can lead to an excellent community spirit with neighbours getting to know and relying on each other far better than in the past.”
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