An innovative state-of-the-art business park development in Nelspruit signals the town’s emergence as a major international hub.  With close links to Johannesburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Mozambique, the development has been aptly named Central Park and is the brainchild of John Powell of JD & Associates.  “This is a new concept for Mpumalanga – a light industrial and commercial high-tech business park.  It has broad appeal for any business wanting good network links, a beautiful environment and one that has first world facilities.”


Business in the bush takes on new meaning at Central Park. A full complement of sophisticated communications services are offered – from instant phone lines to broadband internet connections – as well as reception and general secretarial services, website and email hosting, data back-up and general IT support.  “Small to medium sized companies need support like this,” says Powell. “To have IT and communications systems managed from day one is a real benefit to any start-up, temporary or existing businesses moving into these premises.”  Owners and tenants can also make use of the network cameras and see, 24/7, what’s happening in their unit from anywhere in the world.


A R90-million development, Central Park occupies four hectares on the last piece of industrial ground in the area and is strategically poised to help Nelspruit become a key destination on South Africa’s business map.  Powell adds:  “Johannesburg is just three and a half hours away by road; Maputo is an hour’s drive and Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport is only 20 minutes away”.



Good news for Nelspruit

Central Park offers not only a great business lifestyle and a nice place to be but also a springboard for any organisation wanting to take advantage of the Maputo Development Corridor.  Comprising rail, road, port and terminal facilities, The MDC is seeing billions of rands being spent on projects to help unlock the landlocked regions of Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo.  The dti has identified that tourism, manufacturing and agriculture will be the primary industries and that job creation opportunities abound with plenty of local labour available.


“Nelspruit is well positioned to attract new businesses to Mpumalanga.  These businesses will have different needs and Central Park has been designed to cater to all their needs.”


Central Park has four different styles of architectural plan to suit these different requirements.  Units are built with contemporary glass and brick and sky light roof sheets to allow natural lighting.  Security has been made a priority with sophisticated perimeter and surveillance systems in place.  Access to the complex is channelled through a main gate and manned around the clock to monitor all entering and departing traffic.


Central Park Africa

Unlike the other and rather better known Central Park in New York, this Central Park enjoys rural surroundings both inside and outside the development.  The gates of the Kruger Park are just minutes away and the stunning natural beauty of Mpumalanga makes the area particularly appealing to businesses that want to get away from the usual hubbub of business districts. A river runs through the development, attracting indigenous bird life and flora.  The environmental impacts on the site are minimal and with only 12 000 of the 40 000 square metres of available land developed, there’s plenty of space to think and relax.  Altogether, and on the various levels, there are 20 000 square metres of floor space available.  “With most of the units already sold”, adds Powell, “Central Park’s appeal is confirmed but happily there are still great letting opportunities available.”



For more information, please contact either Owen Wiggins of Oriprop Property Brokers on 082 492 0078 or John Powell of JD & Associates on 082 825 3150.

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