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News > news - 22 Feb 2007

Jo Pelser, MD of residential developer Sable Homes, says the substantial increase in the housing budget is not only going to contribute to reaching government's housing goal by 2014, it's going to have a knock-on effect throughout the economy, creating jobs for construction workers, and fighting crime by creating employment.

“This budget is going to create an environment in which people can obtain skills and gain confidence in themselves and the economy, encouraging them to invest in the country as the government has.

"It can only have positive implications for the property market as a whole, with so many new players entering the market, a strong upward push is going to create demand for property in years to come.

"The investment in education, along with focuses on science and technology, is making sure that people entering the job market are equipped with useable, marketable skills that will inspire confidence in not only their own future, but in South Africa's future as well."

He says the extra budget allocated to 2010 projects is welcome, as this infrastructure, particularly the transport facilities, is going to make a significant contribution to the functioning of the economy far into the future.

"And while the sin taxes are heavy, the more than R1billion that they're going to inject into the economy will go even further towards creating infrastructure for the years to come."

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