Budget – Andrew Golding anticipates personal tax relief

News > news - 14 Feb 2006
Andrew Golding
Dr Andrew Golding, CE of Pam Golding Properties, anticipates additional personal tax relief being afforded to individuals again this year. This will benefit those in the lowest - and also middle - income bracket.

He believes that Wednesday’s 2006 Budget will continue to place a strong emphasis on sustaining a stable and sound economic environment in order to promote growth in South Africa's economy and increased investment in the country in general.

"We hope there will be even further expenditure in various projects and areas that will impact favourably on housing, skills training, job creation, infrastructural development and security.

In terms of infrastructure, not only are electricity, water and other issues increasingly in need of attention, Golding says there is an urgent need to focus on upgrading roads and addressing the shortcoming of the public transport system - particularly in the light of the forthcoming World Cup Soccer 2010.
"Improvements to ease traffic congestion and provide more effective public transport to the masses would have significant benefits for everyone - those who need to commute to and from work, commerce and industry - that requires smooth flowing transport routes in order to conduct their business, and the tourism industry. And as the redevelopment and rejuvenation of central city areas takes place - positive moves which are revitalising these areas - there becomes an increasing need for far more effective and efficient public transport routes and systems to be established.

"In last year's Budget a commitment was made to transform townships into sustainable and viable communities and we hope that there will be an even greater impetus in this regard this year, as well as an even greater commitment to encourage investment in housing and community infrastructure - particularly at grassroots level, with the added benefit of creating employment, particularly in formerly disadvantaged areas. The burgeoning emerging market is not to be underestimated, and is already having a tremendous positive, ripple effect across all sectors."
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