Brenda leapfrogs into top Maxprop seat

A fanatical Sharks rugby supporter with more than 20 years experience in real estate has been appointed to manage residential property sales at The MaxProp Group.

Brenda Liversage, the company's new General Manager Residential Franchises, grew up very aware of the value of property and from an early age had an eye for a good deal.

"I started buying and selling property when I was in my twenties - and with real estate very firmly in my veins I have never looked back.

"I am determined to build a great team spirit among the many MaxProp franchises we have in KwaZulu-Natal as well as those in other parts of South Africa. And talking about team spirit and success, the Sharks are very much part of Liversage's life - and have been for almost as long as she has been in the property world. "My husband Sandy and I have season tickets for the Stadium and we're there in full support at most games."

Liversage has taken over at MaxProp from well-known Gordon Battersby who has retired, although he will continue to do some work for the group on a consultancy basis. Battersby's shoes are big ones to fill but the new manager exudes a calm determination to make her mark and more importantly, to significantly up the ante.

Liversage, who was director of national operations at Homenet Real Estate for 12 years and Franchise Development Manager Leapfrog (KZN) before joining MaxProp, said the slump in the residential property market was a cyclical phenomenon.

"We'll get through it and come out stronger on the other side. My aim is to ensure growth at MaxProp, even during these uncertain times.”

"The prevailing climate provides us with opportunities as well as problems and we have to make the best of the opportunities. I don't think we'll see a radical change in residential sales volumes in the next six months to one year with an upturn expected only in the second half of next year when rates are expected to start falling. So right now we have to box clever and watch overheads," said Liversage.

When she's not working or watching rugby,Liversage enjoys playing tennis and going on long walks which supplement her commitment to healthy eating.
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