Boskruin project recognises blackouts and crime dangers

In a sign of the times a Boskruin residential property development launched this week has placed great emphasis on minimising the inconvenience and dangers now being faced by South Africa’s home owners.

Solar panels and a generator have been included on the optional extras list, whilst gas appliances were installed to keep food cooking even if Eskom’s power supply shuts down. The danger of opportunistic criminal activity within complex by maintenance personnel has also been minimised by use of low-maintenance finishes.

Fulvio De Stefanis, Director of DVG Construction, the developers and marketers of Lina Estates, explains that due to the recent black outs and sustained criminal activities experienced by home owners across Gauteng, “it was imperative for us to offer an appropriate package for the environment in which we live.”

Home buyers with a budget of R2,8 – R3,5 million can buy into the estate on President Fouche Drive in Randburg; this includes VAT, transfer and registration costs as well as all fees.

The rationale behind DVG Construction’s use of low maintenance, but high quality, finishes relate to the fact that home owners within this price range normally hire outside contractors to complete maintenance and renovation tasks and very often criminal activity is traced back to these on site teams.

The developers considered every detail of a home that normally requires maintenance and repair and started by placing the electrical box and geyser in the garage, eliminating the need for workmen to come into the house. No varnishing treatments are required for the windows, balustrades or garage doors as they are aluminium, stainless steel and powder-coated respectively. External walls will not have to be painted for years to come due to the Armacoat paint used in the plaster. Even industrial strength paving blocks were used for the internal road.

“High quality materials like these come at double the price, but we’ve always been proud that we can stand by the quality of our developments for years down the line,” assures Managing Director Umberto De Stefanis, who founded the construction and civil engineering works company in 1969 and now runs it with his son Fulvio.

The development of four phases is taking three years to complete due to the standard of structural engineering.
“The size of the properties is 636m2 and include guest parking for 4 cars outside each unit.

The upstairs level of each cluster has three bedrooms, each with its own veranda, two bathrooms (one en suite) and a study, with a nice touch of extra length doorframes imported from Italy.
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