Bonds4U offering 40% discount on conveyancing fees

News > news - 16 Aug 2005
Home loan borrowers are being vigorously courted to use the services of a recently established home loan application company by offering would-be borrowers a 40 percent discount on conveyancing fees for their homeloan applications.

The brainchild of mortgage expert Reuben Venter the service is the first to offer such a discount and is reflective of the competition for consumer business within this highly specialised market.

Venter, former KZN regional manager of one of the country’s largest mortgage originators, interviewed at this week’s Durban launch of Bonds4U, made clear that while such discounts could be expected to become a regular feature to attract business the main appeal for home loan borrowers would remain that of the quality and speed of processing applications.

Venter and Bonds4U partner Karen Els, while already supporting strong representation in all market segments, are anxious to focus on the emergent markets and in the property price area of R150 000 to R500 000, which they believe is under-serviced in terms of consultants assisting clients with homeloan knowledge.

“It’s not so much that consultants do not want to impart their knowledge, but due more to time restraints. However, we believe this is our market of the future so we intend to give ever client the necessary time to fully understand the process,” says Venter.

Bonds4U have recently launched a Zulu advertising campaign.

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