Big on bathrooms

“Renovations and contemporary remodelling of bathrooms are known to boost the selling price of a property and, in addition, bathrooms and kitchens are the two areas of a home where the cost of the renovation can be largely recouped on the sale of the property. Statistics suggest that on average sellers can get between 65% and 75% of the renovation cost back when renovating a full bathroom and approximately 65% of the cost back when adding a new bathroom,” says Goslett.

Bathroom renovations have become exceptionally popular among homeowners over the past few years and many have chosen to renovate the bathroom before any other room. Goslett attributes this to the fact that bathrooms are a major focal point that buyers look at before they put in an offer to purchase a property. Added to this, he says, bathrooms are generally smaller than other rooms, which means that the cost can be managed much more effectively.

If a homeowner wants to complete simple updates, then there is no need to consult with a contractor, however, if the project is more extensive, it is advisable to bring in a professional with the necessary qualification.

“A simple renovation can be just as effective a complete remodelling.  It can be a matter of just scrubbing the tiles and grout, add a new coat of paint and include some modern fixtures and the room will feel like a completely different space. Sanitary warehouses and hardware stores are always getting new inventory, which means it is easy to for homeowners to find fixtures on sale that will suit their particular taste. It could be just changing the tap fixtures or perhaps a bath tub. Consider changing to a double sink instead of a single one, recessed lighting, or new floor and wall tiles,” says Goslett.

Goslett advises that homeowners who are willing to do the renovations themselves can find a wealth of information on bathroom do-it-yourself projects from the local library, bookstores and on the Internet. There are countless books and reputable websites available that can help guide homeowners through the process, whether the primary focus is design, functionality or cost.  Homeowners can check whether their local hardware store has do-it-yourself classes or seminars that they can attend, which will provide guidance and practical examples.

Do-it-yourself projects are a great way to add value to a home but only if the work is completed properly. If installed or completed incorrectly, the project could end up costing twice as much to fix as a professional would have charged in the first place.

“It is advisable for homeowners who are planning on undertaking extensive renovations or additions to their home to get proper plans drawn up. If contractors are called in to do any work on the home and require the plans, keep the original and give them copies. Although renovating a bathroom may cause some inconvenience, this is a small price to pay when compared with the aesthetic appeal and value that is adds to the property,” Goslett concludes.
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